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Great beginning

Barb and I took a six day trip to some new chukar country to do some scouting. It wasn’t too far from an area I had hunted in the past but I thought it might be a little more hospitable for an old man to walk. Wrong. The more we walked, the more we discoveredContinue reading “Great beginning”

80 degree day

A little more heat the last couple of days brought out our slithering friends. I took a solo hike into an area that I know has rattlers and found this guy out and moving. As you can see, the 80 degree day made him quite active. But there was also some good sightings. Let’s hopeContinue reading “80 degree day”

Baby time

Big game animals and other wildlife will be having their babies shortly and Jake, Grady and I hope to be out there getting some pictures of them. Here’s a picture of some pup coyotes we found a few years back. They were pretty small. Today the boys and I found a den but couldn’t getContinue reading “Baby time”

Great start to 2022

Although this post doesn’t have much to do with chukars, I hope the recent sightings and successes carry over to this fall. The 2022 season is starting out in fantastic fashion. Let’s just start this post with a little Hungarian partridge action. Jake, Grady and I went in today in search of an arrow firedContinue reading “Great start to 2022”


The new color for the mountains became white. If it’s moisture we are needing for a great chukar year, we are getting it. The snow was coming down this morning and has kept up for 6 hours so far. There is about 6 inches of snow where us chukar hunters are most concerned about. ItContinue reading “White”

Green two

Just thought I’d post a few of the pictures I took today on our short hike. It was short because we had to beat the rain storm heading our way. We caught these deer bedded in the already tall grass. It doesn’t get much greener than this. We took a good hike across that hillContinue reading “Green two”


The color of the month in chukar country around southwest Idaho is green. The recent weather has made the mountains dark green. I can’t remember a May with this much growth on the chukar hills. All animals should flourish with the Spring we are having. On my trip to the rattlesnake den today, I wasContinue reading “Green”

Slow day

I got most of my yard work done yesterday so I thought I’d go up and check on the rattle snake den. The temperature was 70 degrees so I figured they would be coming out of the den and sunning. Usually several days of 70 degree weather brings them out to sun but evidently itContinue reading “Slow day”


Although I wish it were October and the boys and I could be on some chukar mountain looking for chukars, I’m still a lucky man and find reasons to be on the mountain. Turkey hunting is one of those activities that draws me to the hills once again. I always feel like something is missingContinue reading “Spring”


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