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Upwards again

I woke up this morning to a few claps of thunder and than this rain shortly afterwards. It only lasted about five minutes but was a great surprise. So I quickly loaded up the boys and headed for the nearest chukar mountain I could find. Shortly after we started up the draw we were onceContinue reading “Upwards again”

Go figure

To start off with, another chukar hunter passed on some information about chukars. They haven’t been seeing or hearing any chukars at one of the popular lakes to hunt chukars. He said he they didn’t get off the road but that was his report. I’m still not at that negative point. Take the last twoContinue reading “Go figure”

Mixed results

Me and the boys were going to take advantage of a little cooler weather this morning by taking a short hike on the chukar mountain. But I had a brain fart and forgot to pack the water bottles and where we were heading was too dry to let the dogs go far. So instead, weContinue reading “Mixed results”

Still searching

Took another ride and short hike this morning hoping to find some positive news on chukars. I found some but don’t know how to interpret it. It was yet a different place than I have been this summer. Like most places, the roads heading for chukar spots, usually have quail on them. I was shockedContinue reading “Still searching”

Some better news

Even with the heat still beating down on us, I’m finding the best place to be to keep my mind right is still on the mountain. Most of the time is just driving back roads but Jake, Grady and I get a little taste of what we love with short jaunts. The good news fromContinue reading “Some better news”


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