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December 2

The weather yesterday felt more like November 2nd than December 2nd. The temperature at 4:00 when I got back to the truck was 54 degrees and the soil was dry. What a fabulous day to have been on the mountain. I started the day out just to go on a shorter hunt but like usualContinue reading “December 2”

Crippled bird

Like usual the hunt started with a fairly steep incline hoping to find some chukars before we gained too much elevation. As usual we did find a few but they were either running up the steep grade or flying wild, looking like they were headed down but were actually as swinging around the ridge andContinue reading “Crippled bird”


If I had only one month to chase chukars it would be November. The heat is gone and most places have had enough moisture that I don’t have to pack too much extra water. Scenting conditions are as good as they are going to get and the dogs don’t act beat after each retrieve. TheContinue reading “November”

It is what it is

,Some will take odds with this post depending on the type of a hunting season they have had so far, but I’ll post it anyhow. How many times have I heard hunters talk about chukar hunting and what it was like in the good old days? Although there are several chukar hunters out there olderContinue reading “It is what it is”

Toughen up

I remember those words from my younger days in sports and thinking, “I thought I was.” Yesterdays hunt reminded me of those days once again. To top it off, my daughter, who will always be with me on the mountain, kept chanting, “just a little further”. She was a health nut and always challenged meContinue reading “Toughen up”


What a difference some moisture mixed with sunshine makes for hunting. The dust and pollen for the most part are gone. And a lot of that dirty brown color is getting replaced by green. Here’s a picture of where the dogs and I were headed today. We were headed for that highest peak and beyondContinue reading “Green”


I got some pictures from Mark. Looks like he’s giving the dogs a little taste of heaven and the birds hell. Looks like I’d better get the dogs out tomorrow. Don’t want to miss any of that fun action.


I was approached by a local videographer, or whatever the proper term is to film a chukar hunt. I tried to explain the difficulty of doing that, but he was sure we could make it work. So we met at my chosen location to give it a try. It took about ten minutes of lookingContinue reading “Video”


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