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Sad Times

I’m writing this in hopes for prayers for my family. We lost my daughter yesterday and need all the love we can get. Kerri was such a wonderful person and the one who encouraged me to do this blog. I’ll be back soon with some happier stuff but for now all I can say isContinue reading “Sad Times”

Still waiting

June 7th and still waiting for signs of the chukar hatch. Me and the boys are still enjoying hikes in the mountains. It’s getting warmer and dryer each day and the hikes are getting shorter. My back isn’t quite ready for the steep chukar hills but we’re getting on the less steep ones. We haven’tContinue reading “Still waiting”

Good signs

I spent the day on the chukar mountain and was tickled to see all the green up as well as loads of tiny hoppers. Everything is prime for a fantastic hatch, which should be coming on in the next couple of weeks. I didn’t hear or see a bird, which is another good sign thatContinue reading “Good signs”

Critical months

We’ve come to the critical months for upland bird reproduction. The next two months weather will determine the success of upland bird hatches. As of right now this is what some of the chukar hills look like. There is still plenty of green up. I understand the Owyhee’s are quite a bit dryer. The SnakeContinue reading “Critical months”

Baby time

Close to the fall and hunting season, this is one of my favorite times to be in the mountains. For the next forty or so days the baby wildlife will start appearing. It’s by far my favorite time to be carrying a camera. I seldom get pictures of my favorite baby bird, the chukar, becauseContinue reading “Baby time”

Hunting buddies

For the most part, when I hunt chukar, it is by myself. The sole exception is my son, Doug, and grandson, Conner. It’s not because I don’t like hunting with people, but it’s more for safety and success reasons along with everyone’s walking pace is different through the steep chukar country. I’ve heard the frustrationsContinue reading “Hunting buddies”

Spring rain

Great! Most areas in southwest Idaho and eastern Oregon got some needed rain this weekend. With the warm temps for the coming week we ought to see some good growth on the chukar mountains. Perfect scenario for our wildlife. If we could keep up this pattern for another month and a half we could beContinue reading “Spring rain”

The big upland bird

We’re hitting that lull time for the chukars. Lack of scent, nesting, and too many distractions are getting in our way. This time of the year I get a interested in chasing that big upland bird. Turkey. Before the season begins, Jake and Grady help me do some scouting, but once the season begins I’mContinue reading “The big upland bird”


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