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And away we go

Showing my age, I’m taking the phrase from Jackie Gleason and “The Honeymooners” to start the 2021 chukar season. My season will start out much differently than any of my past 25 seasons. Many seasons I don’t even go out on the opener because of the weather and I’ve never gone camping and hit theContinue reading “And away we go”

Final thoughts

I have readers from 11 different states that I know of who are interested in what the chukar forecast looks like. Us Idahoan’s are already here and are going to hunt the birds no matter what. But we don’t have to spend those hard earned dollars for a one or two week hunt in theContinue reading “Final thoughts”

Even better news

I guess I’ll have to leave town more often. Barb, the dogs and I headed to Bear Valley for four days to relive some of my old archery days and came home to nothing but good news for the chukar hunters. As you hopefully read on my last post, Steve and a couple of anonymousContinue reading “Even better news”

Looking up

I’m starting to hear more good news. One guy reports of double hatch and lot’s of birds. Somehow I forgot the name of the place he mentioned. Another fisherman told me about good numbers along the reservoir. He also didn’t mention which body of water. My report is pretty positive also. The boys and IContinue reading “Looking up”

Still learning

Because of the heat my dogs and I have resorted to drives and reading. I’m sure glad we have a good air conditioner in the truck. We took a long drive over to one of the lakes to see if there was a line of chukars going to water but no luck. We did seeContinue reading “Still learning”

The heats back

It’s 101 degrees in Horseshoe Bend as I type this post. The forecast is for five more days of 100 degree temperatures. I hate to be negative but this heat ain’t good for nothing. I did get up early and head west this morning for a scouting trip. The dusty trails and heat seemed worseContinue reading “The heats back”

Good news

Most of the good news is for me. I got my truck back last night and the only damage was a turbo hose. Whatever that means. Not that expensive but a fairly common problem and easy to fix. The real damage was to my ego. Having to sit on the hill with the bill ofContinue reading “Good news”

We got rain

Man, did we get rain. Saturday evening the thunderstorms came rolling in and with them came a great lightening show as well as the most rain I have seen at one time in a while. We got .83 inches of rain in the first bout, which only lasted about 30 minutes, and by sunrise SundayContinue reading “We got rain”

Looking forward

Took the day off from the mountains and looked over some past video’s. Probably not as exciting to you unless you can put your dogs and you in the picture. I picked these video’s because it actually looks a little more like hunting weather. I’m really getting burned out on these 100 degree days. IContinue reading “Looking forward”

Upwards again

I woke up this morning to a few claps of thunder and than this rain shortly afterwards. It only lasted about five minutes but was a great surprise. So I quickly loaded up the boys and headed for the nearest chukar mountain I could find. Shortly after we started up the draw we were onceContinue reading “Upwards again”


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