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We’re back

After 20 days in the desert, with a few days off in the middle, Conner finally sealed the deal with an unusual bull and some good meat to bring home. Before I tell the story I’ll tell you what I have heard about the chukars. Every report I have gotten was good. Lot’s of birdsContinue reading “We’re back”


I tried to get out on one more scouting trip but after taking the long drive the sun was beating down on the area I wanted to walk. I decided it would be best for both me and the dog to not even get started hiking. There were two positives on the trip. First, IContinue reading “Sorry”


Lately it seems like each day has a new surprise for me. Barb, the dogs and I took a camping trip to Stanley, Idaho last week. More than anything else, we just wanted to get away from the heat and figured at 7200 feet of elevation and up we could find some cooler air. WeContinue reading “Conditioning”

Different tracks

My grandson showed me how to use my t.v. and watch you tube video’s this weekend. I’m sure everyone in the world knew how to do that but me. I soon learned that I could watch others chukar hunt and immediately became a critic. But before I show how smart I am, I’ll pass onContinue reading “Different tracks”

Very positive report.

I got a note from a good friend and fellow chukar hunter this morning. Greg Munther is a no b.s. type guy so I take his observations very serious. He floated the Snake from Hell’s canyon and reported very positive numbers of chukars. He said the majority of them were half grown. Also he saidContinue reading “Very positive report.”

July’s hot report

That’s about all I got to report, it’s hot out there. First I’ll give you Mark’s report before I tell you my findings today. Mark said he found five different covey’s of chukar with an average of 9 chicks per covey. Great report and he also said there were plenty of springs as well asContinue reading “July’s hot report”


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