Hi, I’m Larry Szurgot and I have a lovely wife, Barbara, a daughter, Kerri, and a son Doug. I also have four grandchildren, Conner, Mac, Emily and Megan. I now hunt with two German Shorthairs, Jake who is 8 and Grady who is 3. I’ve hunted for over 55 years but the passion of chukar hunting really struck me about 25 years ago.

Before that I hunted everything and got wrapped up in archery for quite a while and was pretty successful at it. But a certain shorthair, Tucker, came into my life and soon he had me thinking of nothing but being with him on a chukar mountain. He trained me well and we soon added his son, Dakota to our pack. The two of them became amazing chukar hunters and they became “Team Tuckota”. My third chukar dog was also a GSP named Riley and he got one year of hunting with Tucker before he retired. He learned quickly and became a great chukar dog but only lived to 7 years old. Jake came along to fill the void for me and when he was 5 years old I decided to add Grady and the two of them together have become an unbelievable team and for me they are “The Reigning Chukar Champions”.

Hopefully this blog will provide lots of entertaining hunting stories and information about chukar hunting. My hopes are that every reader enjoy chukar hunting and the chukar mountain as much as I do. Even more, that you enjoy your dogs as much as I do.

Please contribute as much and often as you can. I love hearing others stories of dogs and chukar hunts. I can’t figure out how to post pictures by other readers but if you can send them to my email I will do my best to get them posted. Thanks for reading.

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