Self defense

Once again nothing about chukars, but I have to defend myself. I got two emails from a couple of other chukar hunters and a comment from Robert wondering if I had lost my mind. Like I’ve said many of times, you can’t be too bright if you chase chukars year after year and still think it’s fun.

That being said, I’ve always had a thing about getting close to animals. I’ve had some truly amazing encounters in my life and some of them probably considered quite stupid. But I’ve always gone in with the attitude that if something bad happens to me I deserve what I get. It’s not the animals fault. I’ve touched a cougar in the wild, an elk as he charged past me while elk hunting with a bow, tried to dive on a called in bob cat and gat bitten by a coyote I called in. I’ve lived an exciting life in the outdoors.

I write this not as a brag but more of a testament of the fun the outdoors has given me. A business man once told me ” no one else is going to blow your horn so you might as well do it yourself”. So maybe I’m blowing my horn. Millions of people can say they’ve seen the statue of liberty or mount Rushmore, but how many people can say that they have been fortunate enough to do the things I have done. Of course, they wouldn’t care to do what I have done, just as I don’t care to see those things they cherish.

My love now is my dogs and chukar hunting, but if another wild animal wants to come along and oblige me with a chance for some excitement, I’m going to take it. I rummaged through some of my old photos to show off a little. Back then, pictures were taken with polaroid cameras with rolls of film so there not as good as the pictures we can get now.

Here is one of the cougars I encountered. I climbed up in the tree next to it for some photos and actually got close enough that it started digging it’s hind legs into the branch it was on. I didn’t know if it was getting ready to jump at me or get away, but I took that as a clue to back down. I later crawled up in the same tree and spooked it down.

One of the bears I joined in it’s den.

I even made my first GSP, Tucker do things he didn’t want to do. Stand by a yearling elk while I took a picture. I have no idea what was on this elks mind, but it stood there while I walked down towards it and took a roll of pictures. There were more elk around but they meander over the hill out of sight. I think I could have touched it.

Saving the best for last. I took my son to Alaska on a fishing trip. We flew into a lake where the guide had a boat. We wanted to go somewhere where we might see a brown bear. The guide dropped us off on the shore while he fished with the other clients in the boat. He instructed us that if a bear came down he’d pick us up. Well, we got our wish, but the bear came in so fast the guide couldn’t get to us. While the boat watched from the lake, Doug took this picture of me and the bear. You can see that both of us were enjoying the moment. The big boy looked me over and saw I didn’t have any fish and left.

We stepped it off and the bear was 7 yards from me. It was the climax of the trip and the guide said that was about as close as he’s seen. That was over thirty years ago.

Now for the finally. About forty years ago I was lucky enough to film this grizzly and her cubs. The footage isn’t so good anymore since it’s been converted from VCR or 8 track, whichever it was. But it gets my love for seeing how close I can get. The footage was taken from about 50 yards and she knew I was there. I was there with them for about 15 minutes and she finally walked towards me, stared at me and made herself look about twice as wide. I felt she was telling me that I was through watching. I turned and walked down the hill and after a few hundred yards turned and looked to see her following me to make sure I left. How cool is that. Enjoy and I’ll be talking chukar soon.

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Hunting has been a favorite past time for me for 55 years but the last twenty five years I have been consumed by chukar hunting and more specifically chukar hunting with fantastic dogs. In this blog I hope to pass on any information I can about chukar hunting but more than anything I want to showcase what will probably be my last two chukar dogs, Jake and Grady. I am 70 years old, Jake is 8 and Grady is 3 and I'm hoping to stay on the chukar mountain until I am 80 when Grady will be fetching my final chukars.

10 thoughts on “Self defense

  1. Yep….you do like to toot your own horn…that is, when you’re not doing the poor, poor pitiful me thing.
    Can’t for one minute understand your need to blab all over the internet the details of your life…it does come across as a lot of braggadacio…imo
    But hey, it’s a free world…whatever makes your stick float as Louis Lamour liked to say


    1. I never post here, but feel the need to today. I am Larry’s wife of 49 years. This man loves his family, his dogs and the outdoors like no one I know. He gives it all to everything he does. Whether it was coaching as a young man, an avid support of his kids in everything they did, archery hunting and for the past 30 years, chukar hunting with his dogs. When our daughter passed away almost 2 years ago and his physical health declined because of some pretty serious accidents, writing became a way to express himself. He tries to educate young hunters and sometimes bring a smile to other’s faces. You may think he is full of himself, but you are far from correct. He’s just a man who loves his life to the fullest.


  2. First off, you can count the online post from my lifetime on one hand. I feel I should weigh in here.

    Larry shares stories that outdoorsmen enjoy following, especially those of us that hunt upland birds. It helps to fill the time as we wait on our next adventure. Keeping an active blog requires always looking for stories to post. That’s what keeps us returning, and possibly you as well.

    I’ve never met Larry, but hope to some day. We have corresponded as I’ve bounced through Idaho and Oregon chasing chukar. He’s a good guy and I hope to continue reading his posts.


  3. Vean, you’re probably right about my tooting and feeling sorry for myself. But you’re wrong about all over the internet. I pretty much just do it on my blog and do it to keep some entertained. It sounds like it must be working some because you keep reading. I thank you for that.

    Darin, I appreciate your kind remarks. I wish I could be speaking more about chukars right now but we’re in that period where there is not much to say. So, being bored, I try to find something else to write about. I’d write about my wife’s and my dinner last night but I’m sure that would really turn people off. So I’ll keep writing about outdoor adventures when I can’t write about chukars. Thank you for reading and I to hope to meet you some day.


  4. Well Larry, I know there are plenty of folks that wish you didn’t blog so much , but I have to say , you just displayed some real class


  5. My mistake. I thought that you being an idiot approaching a bear’s den was a one time event. However, after reading your follow-up I realize you’ve been an idiot all of your life. Good luck with all of that.


  6. Robert, that’s exactly what I hear from my wife. Hopefully soon I will have some pictures of the little ones. She’s come out of her den every day but hasn’t brought them out. If I do get a picture, it won’t be from any closer than fifty yards and hopefully with the wind right. Thanks for the good luck wish and hope I never need it.


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