Happy Memorial Weekend.

Barb and I started the weekend last evening with our first baby of the year. We didn’t get any pictures but we found a baby elk and mother on the hill. The calf couldn’t have been very old since it was real wobbly as it tried to stand and get milk from mom.

Although I didn’t find the nest, I’m sure the dogs and I were close to a turkey nest by the way she acted. I would assume little turkeys should start emerging soon.

And then this morning we had the real show. We were at a familiar spot that we use to hike with my daughter and grandsons. A sow came running across the hill and into these rocks. I didn’t get much film of her but following her was a boar with love on his mind. I filmed him for over an hour as I visited with my daughter in heaven. Her nickname was “BEAR”.

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Hunting has been a favorite past time for me for 55 years but the last twenty five years I have been consumed by chukar hunting and more specifically chukar hunting with fantastic dogs. In this blog I hope to pass on any information I can about chukar hunting but more than anything I want to showcase what will probably be my last two chukar dogs, Jake and Grady. I am 70 years old, Jake is 8 and Grady is 3 and I'm hoping to stay on the chukar mountain until I am 80 when Grady will be fetching my final chukars.

5 thoughts on “Happy Memorial Weekend.

  1. Larry, you always make my days so good when I read your messages, thank you so much for them. I love you.


  2. I’d have to say…Mrs Barb is the perfect partner for you. As if you didn’t know.
    On another note, we got the cover and we got the moisture now it’s all about the timing of it. Time will tell!


  3. Well put on both accounts, Steve. Barb is definitely a keeper and the timing is looking awful good for all the animals on the hills. Mother Nature has seemed to be very kind so far. I saw four mule deer bucks yesterday and couldn’t believe the early antler growth.


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