Green two

Just thought I’d post a few of the pictures I took today on our short hike. It was short because we had to beat the rain storm heading our way. We caught these deer bedded in the already tall grass.

It doesn’t get much greener than this.

We took a good hike across that hill and heard a turkey gobble. To my surprise I took the diaphragm from my pocket and called this big boy into about 100 yards. With no camo on and two dogs beside me I was surprised he didn’t catch us earlier. Especially since it looked like he had been fooled before.

Most of this is just so-so chukar country but the grass is just as green there.

I can just imagine about the middle of June and eggs start hatching in all this cover.

They’ll be able to hide from the predators while filling themselves with nutrients from all of the bugs.

Pretty to look at and a good and possible dream. Nature is being pretty good to the animals so far.

Published by jakeandgrady

Hunting has been a favorite past time for me for 55 years but the last twenty five years I have been consumed by chukar hunting and more specifically chukar hunting with fantastic dogs. In this blog I hope to pass on any information I can about chukar hunting but more than anything I want to showcase what will probably be my last two chukar dogs, Jake and Grady. I am 70 years old, Jake is 8 and Grady is 3 and I'm hoping to stay on the chukar mountain until I am 80 when Grady will be fetching my final chukars.

One thought on “Green two

  1. Thanks for getting out there Larry! Your spring/summer posts mean as much to me as your hunting successes. Love the green!

    Randy S


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